What I love to do

I basically love everything that involves sensitivity, hard work or moments off complete relaxation, paying attention to the smallest details, things that make me grow as a human being, that make me a more comprehensive and kind person.

Musical Theatre

I’m passionate about everything that involves the Musical Theatre industry. From the front stage to the backstage. I simply love to see and get involved on a musical development. All the details on building one great piece of art makes me thrilled on being a part of it.

Prop Making/Set Building

Here's where most of my fun rests, I really enjoy getting creative on projects of props and sets. Planning and searching what would be the best material for each project, learning how its going to be used so I can mold everything to reach its best performance and then seeing the job after is done is totally gratifying.


I love to travel, seeing different places, knowing different people, getting to know other cultures and studying them; I found that, when you work with art, the more references you have, the better, there's always something new to add to our repertoire, and there's also something magical about it.


To me, taking a picture is more then just pressing the button of the camera, photography is more about, capturing the right moment, at the right time. Capturing the true essence of a memory so you can store it and every now and then, take a look at it to remember the moment itself.

Crafts 88%

Analyzing and detecting Problems 93%

Prop Assistant/Stage Technician 90%

Electrician 32%

Set Building 80%

Photography 75%

Carpentry 55%

Communication skills 85%


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Say Hi

It doesn't matter if it's about a new project or just to say hello, I'll love to hear from you. 🙂