Olympics 2016 – Rio de Janeiro

Just to show a little bit more of my day-to-day when I’m managing an event, this photo shows where I slept for almost a month during the Olympics on 2016.
That corridor was also the house of the event, so, all the power supply of the lounge came from there and all maintenance supplies were stored there.

Me and my colleagues had a house rented for us in the city, but we were divided to work in three simultaneous events, all in different places of Rio de Janeiro, all starting in different hours and different days but one overlapped the other at some point.
I stood responsible for the one that was further away from our house, and my working hours were crazy, so I didn’t have much time to go back home, take a shower, sleep and come back… it took an hour on traffic to get from home to work and from work to home, so, I adapted. I met some really awesome people during the event that helped me with a place to shower and eat on site of the event.

My job there involved making sure everything (televisions, monitors, photo displays) was turned on and in perfect function, assist with office maintenance and event maintenance, from tapestry (fixing a few spots on the carpet [it was a sisal carpet, therefore it was made form natural fiber, so, with the weather in Brazil, it expanded and shrank]. Every day I had to cut, sew and fix it back again) to electrics (lamps, good function of power points), I also helped on hospitality manners, from keeping everything in place, making sure all elements of decoration were in the place they were supposed to, delivering souvenirs to our guests’ apartments to making Irish coffee at 3am in the morning for our arriving guests. It was crazy, it was intense and it was REALLY fun.

I think this was one of the best and most gratifying events I’ve ever done. I met a lot of awesome people, hard workers who genuinely defended their company. We worked until late hours to make sure everything was perfect and their clients had the best experience ever. It’s a company I admire even more after working with them and I truly believe in their work.
A few of them marked my life and inspired me to study and grow more and more in my work, I met a lady who could speak about 8 different languages, manage 4 screens, sheets, planning, pressure, everything and still have a smile on her face 24/7, another one who managed the entire event and was a big fan of “Game of Thrones”, a guy so sweet and competent, that made me believe there are still true gentleman’s around the world, one that was happiness in person, every time she came in, everybody started laughing. Two lovely ladies that were about to retire and taught me that, when you love what you do, retirement is just another necessary step, but your heart always gonna be with everyone you’ve ever worked with.

This was that “one of a kind” experiences, that pushes you to your limits, makes you adapt, makes you learn how to manage and fix things as fast as you can and as smooth as you can so no client knows or suspects there was something wrong. You improve just about every ability you have and best of all, have fun doing it.
Just to finish, this is a photo of my view during the job.