Thank You Letter for Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum, o Musical

About a week ago we’ve finished our season of Castelo Ra-tim-bum, o musical in Brazil and I wondered: how could I thank everybody for all their efforts, for the opportunity of working with them and for everything I’ve learned along the way? So, I decided to write everything down on a ‘thank you letter’ and thought this would also be a great way for me to finally start my blog.

I’ve already worked for 4Act Performing arts a few years ago and last year on Ghost, The musical – Brazil I started my journey as a Stage Technician, so when they called me in for an interview to work with them again, this time at Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum and as a Stage Manager, I was thrilled, a little bit scared since it was my first job as a SM, I confess, but thrilled.

I started working on beginning of July, just after I’ve finished the season of The Man of La Mancha – Brazil, and it was beautiful how everything started falling into place.

Meeting everyone, creative team, production, all cast and crew members was amazing. I’ve already worked with a few of them before and it was truly delightful to meet them once more and work side by side to make everything happen.

As the story started to take shape and our cast started to go deeply into their characters, more and more this castle came to live. The hard work of all the departments (costumes, stage tech, prop assistants, wigs and make up, effects, sound, lights, physiotherapists, cast, orchestra, creative and production team), supporting one another to make this a great show, was something amazing to watch and I am grateful for watching it closely.

Creating art, and creating a show like this is never easy, we stumble along the way, we deal with A LOT of people, therefore, with a lot of egos and different needs, we change our minds and find the solution taking other directions, we hardly sleep, we push our bodies to the limit just to carry something through the backstage or to accurate a character’s personality, but in the end, when the orchestra hits its first note and the show starts, everything’s worth it.

Personally, I have the most beautiful view of the stage, I watched every show running from one wing to another (as did the whole crew) to make sure everything was in place and after a while I started to pay more attention to our actors intensions and all their evolution as characters throughout the season. That, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in life.

Seeing and being responsible for people working on their most vulnerable state, demands a lot of trust and attention, it’s a “take care” (not babysit) with a lot of love and sensitivity involved. Watching them growing, conducting a whole audience, show after show, independently if it was a big or a small audience, was something breathtaking. I was lucky enough to catch a few ‘split second’ moments of absolute beauty on their performances. A look, a laugh, a hand move.

Cast and Crew inspired me every day with their smiles, laugh, cries, doubts, pain, laziness from time to time, and for that I became a better human being, a more sensitive and comprehensive one.

I think, at the bottom line, that that’s what art is all about, transforming people in their deepest ways, building something so colorful that washes away everything that’s not, creating dreams, giving someone peace of mind or taking them off their peace to reach another level of comprehension, that’s the beauty in it. A big Thank You to everyone involved in this project, it was an amazing season and you guys are unbelievable. We became family, a family I’m really proud to be part off. See y’all soon.