New Life Chapter: Ireland

So this happened, I moved to Ireland on January 1st of this year.
It’s been quite an adventure so far. On my first month here, everything was new, the city the colors, the food, the sun hours were completely different, here as it was winter, the sunset was around 4pm and the sunrise around 8am, it was a really cold winter, with low temperatures and as I’m in Ireland; Lots and Lots of rain; Even so, Galway absolutely took my heart away. I fell in love with the city from the moment I stepped on the bus station.
It was really hard to start a life here (still is), it was hard to open a bank account and even harder to find accommodation, there’s a looooot of red tape to overcome, but I made pretty good friends along the way and I had one other thing to hold me together through all this new journey: LOVE.
I think the hardest part of it all (besides being away from the ones I love) was leaving my job in Brazil and coming to the unknown here. I learned a lot of new things, things from other professions and I’m strolling along and following where the river is leading, but I really, really miss being a part of something so special as a musical.
Nonetheless, I had opportunities here that I could never have had in Brazil. I met a lot of wonderful people, with different backgrounds and stories to tell, from all over the world. I learned about new cultures, different cultures, understood their way.
I took a lot of great pictures, heard different music styles, tasted different food (not only good ones haha), I’ve seen some of the most breath-taking landscapes from the world, learned about history, and yet, there were days I felt so homesick I would just sit along the Corrib River or a park in Sandymount and cry. But most days I felt so blessed to be living all of that, that the gratitude feeling overwhelmed me.
I’m absolutely thankful for all that’s happening to me, good and bad things. The good things helped me to overcome the bad things, and the bad things became a lesson.
These are some of the pictures I took here, can’t wait to take more!!